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FamilyDid you know that manufacturing jobs pay 20% higher wages then that of construction, services or retail? At TPM we are all about Manufacturing; we employ staff in production, distribution, HR admin and many other positions directly relating to manufacturing. Get started today, and join the 12 million other Americans who make their living in manufacturing… just point and click, it’s that easy!

Overview of our Application Process

  1. Respond to job posting (walk-in, call, visit website for more information)
  2. Fill out application and furnish 2 forms of valid identification
  3. Fill out and sign background disclosure agreement and application agreement
  4. Complete basic mathematical aptitude test
  5. Preliminary basic criminal background check run
  6. Interview with recruiter
  7. Recruiter accepts/declines candidate based on above

If candidate passes above background check, aptitude test, and interview they are set up for the following:

  • Fill out New Hire Packet
  • Fill out tax paperwork
  • Proof of citizenship (E-Verify)
  • Drug screening
  • Employee handbook distribution
  • Orientation over company policies and procedures
  • Orientation over client policies and procedures
  • Advanced criminal background check run
  • Assigned to schedule